Homemade Goods & Provisions

We bake bread scones

  • Sourdough


    That distinctive tang in our sourdough bread comes from our natural starter. Studies show that sourdough is lower in gluten than other breads, and may be more digestible.

  • Scones


    Our scones have the ‘short’ crumbly texture which is a basic of the traditional British treat, and come in a variety of flavours.  Sold in 1/2 dozen

The Lilly House is an original farmhouse in Beeton, Ontario built by 2 young brothers in the early 1800’s.
Like our farming ancestors, we believe in natural, organic and simple foods, absent of any additives, chemicals or anything on the label we cannot pronounce.

The Lilly House is not a store.

Given the slow-rise nature of our products we require time to prep and bake your orders in our farmhouse kitchen. 

Order by Thursday and pick-up in person Saturday morning before noon.